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My Hormone Reset Detox is a companion program to my new book, but it's different in that you get an accountability group and a start date.  It incorporates my latest protocols and cutting-edge research and is designed to get your results.  It's simple, easy to follow, and fun, so you can keep living your life while you transform your health.

Past participants have reset blood sugar, doubled energy, diminished cravings, and lost as much as 15 pounds in just 21 days.  What will your success story be?  I hope you'll joing thousands of committed women to recapture your best self.  Gift yourself the future you deserve and start the transformation now.  Change starts by taking the first step!

-- Sara Gottfried, MD

Balance cortisol levels

Get rid of fatigue, brain fog, and stress-crazed moods

Recharge your sex drive

Restore healthy adrenal function

Lose the muffin top

Break your addiction to sugar, adrenaline, and caffeine

Take a pause from alcohol and unhealthy foods that slow you down and slow your metabolism

Increase your energy and boost your brainpower

Shed those stubborn pounds and inches

Join Dr. Sara's Hormone Reset Detox

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Lose up to 15 pounds in 21 Days